Discover the characteristics of each of these self-rising products and whether or not they are interchangeable

By its composition, both baking soda and baking powder are ingredients considered “chemical yeasts”. When incorporated into a pastry recipe before cooking, these products generate carbon dioxide, which helps the preparation to rise.

Coming from East Africa, it is rich in iron and vitamins B and C

It is supposed as one of the superfoods of the future. Camel milk from East Africa is low in fat. It is slightly saltier than cow milk and its potential is magnificent.

Get lost in one of the most important Norwegian cities

Stavanger is a port city, located in southwestern Norway, the fourth largest in the country by population after Oslo, Bergen and Trondhein. It has a great university character so its atmosphere is always vibrant.

12 typical dishes of Israel that you should try if you go through these lands

Israel has a wide mosaic of cultures and religions thanks to a population made up of people from more than 120 countries. As a result, the cuisine is very varied and its true native dishes are difficult. Therefore, we tell you the most consumed in this fascinating land of the Middle East.

Labels use either of these two measures. Know your differences to avoid confusion

Those who are used to taking care of their diet and check the labels of nutritional information of the foods they consume will surely have observed that in some labels they speak of calories, while in others they refer to kilocalories.

The dessert that stimulate the sleep cycle

The origin of ice cream is very old. In Italy they argue that the ancient Romans are the inventors of the “sorbet”, for which they used ice, fruits and honey. In the East they point out that the Chinese, many centuries before Jesus Christ, mixed the snow of the mountains with honey and fruits.

Fish and seafood, fresh product markets and historic restaurants

Located in western Norway, Bergen is the second largest city in the country, caught between mountain slopes and the waters of the North Sea. Founded 950 years ago and linked to the Viking Age, this gateway to the Norwegian fjords was for centuries a center of trade with the rest of Europe as a member of the Hanseatic League, a commercial and defensive collaboration between Germany and the Baltic Sea areas, Sweden, Poland and Russia.

Add a finishing touch to your meals with this frozen cake

Although ice creams arrive at our tables during the summer when temperatures change, they are also the whim of winter.

One of the most popular entrees of our gastronomy

It is one of the most classic entrees of Spanish cuisine. The fish cake, also called “Pastel de Cabracho”, because of the type of fish used, is a simple recipe to make that is usually present in every festive celebration.

Raspberries, currants, blueberries and strawberries conquer the sweet tooth of the house

Originally from the city of Vienna, the Apfelstrudel consists of a dough filled with apples, raisins and a touch of cinnamon. It is not a new dessert, since the first recipe is in a manuscript called Koch Puech, from the year 1969. Strudel means swirling in German referring to the disorder of ingredients that, when cut, can be seen inside.

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